Required Minimum Distribution Calculator
This calculator allows you to assist an IRA owner with calculations of the required minimum distribution (RMD) which must be withdrawn each year once your client reaches age 73 (as per the 2022 SECURE Act 2.0). For clients with IRAs at multiple financial institutions, a separate RMD calculation should be completed for each. IRS regulations allow your client to withdraw their RMD amounts from any one or more IRAs, whether at Fidelity or at other financial institutions.

The account balance used for the calculation (December 31 of the preceding year) must be increased for amounts withdrawn in the prior year and not due back until the current calendar year, such as outstanding (60-day) rollover distributions.

After entering the requested information, click on the "Create Report" button at the bottom of the page to prepare a client approved illustration. Keep a copy of the report in your client's file for future reference. 

The IRS has published new Life Expectancy figures effective 1/1/2022. This calculator has been updated to reflect the new figures.

Date of Calculation 11/28/2023
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